• Folding Book Lamp 護目小夜燈 - RejunBio佰瑞健
  • Folding Book Lamp 護目小夜燈 - RejunBio佰瑞健

Folding Book Lamp 護目小夜燈

  • 【Unique Design】: RejunBio book light subvert the design of traditional book lamp! This mini edition is the perfect companion for the bookworm。When you see it, you will think it should be a book, but if you open it, it will light up your world! 
  • 【獨特設計】:RejunBio書燈顛覆了傳統書燈的設計!這個迷你版小夜燈是書迷、玩手機的完美拍檔!初見它時,您會認為它應該是一本書,但是如果您打開它,它將點亮您的世界!

  • 【Eye-Protective Design】: High quality LED beads, flicker-free and anti-glare light without strobes and radiation, it can keep your eyes away from exhaustion. And also, it cast a soft LED light(warm yellow and white) can make your living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms feel welcoming and cozy.  
  • 【護眼設計】:優質的LED燈,無頻閃、防眩光,可以使您的眼睛遠離疲勞。而且,它投射出柔和的LED燈光(溫暖的黃色和白色),可以使您的客廳,臥室和飯廳倍感溫馨舒適。
  • 【Magnet Design】Magnet cover design with custom industrial-grade N52 magnets inside, make it foldable as any shape you want, place it on anywhere you want. And also, it can cast a lighting from 90 degree to 360 degree. 
  • 【磁鐵設計】磁鐵蓋設計,內部定制工業級N52磁鐵,可折疊成任意形狀,放置在任何地方。而且,它可以投射90度到360度的燈光。

  • 【A good decoration and An amazing gift】: It’s a good decoration for your rooms and office. The magnetic cover can let it display a creative shape you want. And also, it will be an amazing gift for anyone you want to send at any occasion.
  • 【精美的裝飾和精美的禮物】:這是您的房間和辦公室的優質裝飾。磁性蓋可以使其顯示您想要的創意形狀。送禮自用,均具創意、暖心之選!無論送給任何人,這將絕對是一份獨特、體貼的禮物。
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