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Although the weather is getting warmer between spring and summer, it is still a little cold and humid sometimes, which makes the season high incidence of joint pain. You may find it difficult for your parents to go up and down the stairs during these seasons; they may be staggering when walking; they will also complain of unbearable knee pain on rainy days. As children, we should be aware of the above symptoms. These are signs of knee pain. Studies have shown that about half of seniors over the age of 65 facing joint problems. In order not to bother their children, elderly often buy joint supplements by themselves. However, there are invisible traps. The most popular products on the market are not necessarily the most effective. Elderly who buy the wrong joint products will not only fail to improve their pain, but may have various harms.


The COVID-19 pandemic has spread with alarming speed, infecting millions.  What is the best supplement to prevent the disease? RejunBio worked with Medlab, the Australian publicly-traded company, try to provide the best immune supporting supplement to help everyone fight virus together.



Hong Kongers have the longest lifespan in the world, but everyone is afraid of getting old. Therefore, anti-aging is becoming more and more important. RejunBio is the first supplement brand in Hong Kong that has applied Harvard’s bioinformatics and artificial intelligence to verify product efficacy. Our flagship anti-aging product R-Cell was developed successfully and Harvard bioinformatics report shows astonishing health benefits from R-Cell.


Wilson, CEO of RejunBio, who took the lead in introducing the anti-aging ingredient NADH to Hong Kong in 2016, launched R-Cell in March this year. Scientists team of Pro. Manoj Bhasin, an authority on Bioinformatics and a professor of genetics at Harvard University, used the patented technology of Harvard Medical School to prove effectiveness of R-Cell. It is able to rejuvenate cells, improve brain, cardiovascular and liver health, maintain bone and muscle health, and even improve skin beauty.


As a woman who loves beauty improving skin quality is certainly the first option of health supplements. Recently, I have been having R-Cell of RejunBio for two weeks. I feel that my skin condition has indeed been improved! I personally recommend it to mommies.

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We are the first supplement brand in Hong Kong that has applied Harvard’s bioinformatics and artificial intelligence to verify product efficacy. We believe that every human should live a long, healthy, and happy life with the support of good science.