Q1:When and how should I take R-Cell?

We recommend taking 2-3 capsules per day, served in warm water after breakfast. This is because most nutritional supplements are best taken with a meal to help absorption. R-Cell's exclusive formula contains vitamins D and E , coenzyme Q10 and other fat-soluble nutrients. Therefore, it is best to take it with a meal containing dietary fat. In addition, since the product contains vitamin B and other active ingredients, we do not recommend taking it at night to avoid disturbing your rest.

Q2:Can I take R-Cell at the same time as other supplements?

Many customers have used R-Cell with other existing health supplements, and we have not yet found any side effects. However, since R-Cell already covers most of the major health care functions, we don't think that customers need to take other supplements. Customers are encouraged to consult their healthcare professional before using R-Cell.

Q3:How is R-Cell different from synthetic vitamins?

Synthetic vitamins are meant to supplement the body due to undernutrition, or if someone is not getting the proper levels of vitamins and minerals from food. R-Cell aims to increase the reparability of cells and vital organs (brain, blood system, liver, etc.) and various important coenzymes, to make our cells and vital organs function optimally. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, cells and vital organs can hardly avoid aging. R-Cell works by ensuring that cells are working perfectly.

Q4:What will I feel after taking R-Cell? How long before I see the effectiveness

R-Cell not only repairs cells, but also comprehensively repairs all the major organs ( liver, cardiovascular system, brain function, etc ). It is definitely the best investment for your long-term health. Despite these improvements in the body, everyone will feel it differently, so the results vary from person to person. Generally speaking, after taking R-Cell for three to four weeks, your body will be more energetic, you will be sleeping better and have clearer cognitive function and memory. Many customers don't even need as much coffee as before because of the increase in their body’s energy.

Q5:I am taking prescription drugs; can I take R-Cell at the same time?

People who are taking Warfarin or have had surgery within one week before, or will have it one week after, should not take R-Cell. We have not found any other specific contraindications or side effects when taking R-cell and other supplements. However, if you are taking any medication, including any medications purchased from pharmacies, supermarkets or health care stores, please tell your healthcare professional.